Aerospace & Defense

Global A&D team

A&D is BCE’s largest industry vertical served and is led by a global team of former customers, industry executives, and strategists. Our team has experience across domains, mission areas, platforms, and geographies. Each project is led by senior team members, SMEs, and experienced engagement managers.

We support strategic, operational, and tactical client needs, including:

  • Defend and grow the core strategy
  • Adjacent market analysis and market entry strategy development
  • DOD and OCONUS customer analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Tactical support, including market assessment, pipeline enhancement, and capture support
  • Voice of Customer and CI

Our clients

We support Fortune 100/Global 500 prime contractors and system integrators to subsystem and component suppliers. Our engagment model is customizable and can be scaled to meet each client’s unique needs.

Our global defense team has a 60/40 split between internationally focused or global OCONUS customers – both FMS and DCS – and the U.S. Department of Defense.  Our team has on the ground experience in INDO-PACOM, EUCOM, and CENTCOM.

BCE expertise

Market & mission areas

  • Air Defense
  • Air to Air Weapons
  • Avionics
  • Command & Control
  • Communications Systems
  • Cyber
  • C5ISRT​
  • ORS
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Engines
  • Fire Control 
  • ISR
  • Missile Defense
  • Naval Weapons
  • Directed Energy & Laser Weapons
  • Precision Engagement/Weapons 
  • Radars
  • Ship Control Systems
  • Space Systems
  • Strike Weapons
  • Unmanned Systems & Robotics

BCE expertise

Platforms & services

  • Aircraft Carriers
  • Cargo Aircraft
  • Commercial Aircraft
  • Flight Aircraft
  • Rotary Wing Aircraft
  • Satellites
  • Surface Combatants
  • Unmanned Aerial, Ground, Surface, and Underwater Vehicles 
  • Wheeled & Tracked Vehicles 
  • Cyber
  • Engineering Support Services
  • Fee for Service
  • High-End Engineering
  • IT
  • Mission Support
  • MRO
  • Product Support Services
  • Sustainment
  • Technical Services
  • Training

Future of warfare

Global defense contractors are faced with a rapidly evolving threat environment driven by the transition from counter-insurgency to peer-to-peer/great power conflict. Our clients are increasingly focused on technology innovation and delivering interconnected solutions to support joint, coalition, and allied warfighters through:

  • Networked battlefield (E.g., JADC2)
  • Improved connectivity (E.g., multi-orbit SATCOM, multi-waveform terrestrial networks, 5g)
  • Dynamic kill webs to integrate various data sources across domains and increase speed to decision making (E.g., C5ISRT, hypersonic, precision munitions, C-UAS, directed energy)
  • Autonomous platforms (E.g. USV, UUV, UAV, UAS, UGV) to support manned systems and enhance force projection
  • EMSO superiority through converged SIGINT, EW, and cyber capabilites
  • All domain operations (E.g., space to undersea)

BCE’s A&D team

Craig Belanger
Senior Partner & Co-Founder Boston
Joe Giandomenico
Principal Boston
Mark Kipphut
Senior Advisor Dallas
Ben Osterholtz
Manager Boston
Robyn Pirie
Manager Boston
Doug Reep
Senior Advisor, Technology & Industrials Supply, NC
Dr. James A. Walker
Senior Advisor, Aerospace & Defense Guntersville
Jeff Snyder
Senior Advisor, Technology & Industrials Arlington
  • Menlo Park, CA
  • Boston, MA 100 High St,
    Boston, MA 02110
  • Yarmouth, ME 121 Main St,
    Yarmouth, ME 04096
  • London, UK 30 Crown Place,
    London, UK

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