Brand Equity

Brand Insights

Managing the health and strength of your brand is one of the most important elements of strategy in any organization.  But this work can’t be done without a clear understanding of how the brand is perceived among key constituents in the market and how that relates to your desired outcomes and organizational goals.

BCE helps clients develop these critical brand insights by designing, fielding, and analyzing customized brand equity studies that measure:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Purchase Intent
  • Loyalty
  • Brand imagery

These studies serve as the basis for brand strategy development by answering questions like:

  • What elements of my brand stand out in the minds of market stakeholders today?
  • How do these perceptions compare to my desired position?
  • How do they compare to my competitors?

BCE supports clients in developing brand insights both through one-off studies and continuous monitoring.

Brand Strategy

Positioning your brand for growth begins with a clear understanding of your starting point (i.e., Brand Insights). Taking effective action on this information requires experience and clear strategy.

BCE supports clients in managing and growing brands in the following ways:

  1. Competitive positioning/differentiaton strategy
  2. Whitespace migration strategy
  3. Value proposition development/refinement
  4. Target customer identification & acquisition strategy

Brand Development (M&A)

Sometimes brand strategy is facilitated, sped up, or enabled through inorganic means. Partnership and M&A are two key mechanisms in this process, along with post-deal integration strategy:

  • Brand partnerships to gain access to/credibility among adjacent customer segments
  • Mergers and/or acquisitions to enhance a brand’s value proposition or capabilities
  • Brand/portfolio integration to realize the full commercial and brand value of two entities coming together

BCE supports clients across all three dimensions of brand development, including the upfront identification and assessment of potential partner or acquisition candidates, conducting commercial diligence on specific targets once they’ve been prioritized, and post-deal integration in context of the new portfolio.

BCE’s Brand Equity team

Walt Shepard
Principal Boston
Richard Crumb
Managing Partner & Co-Founder Menlo Park
Craig Belanger
Senior Partner & Co-Founder Boston
Rachel Eschle
Partner & Co-Founder Boston
  • Menlo Park, CA
  • Boston, MA 100 High St,
    Boston, MA 02110
  • Yarmouth, ME 121 Main St,
    Yarmouth, ME 04096
  • London, UK 30 Crown Place,
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