B2B2C and B2C brands face several challenges and opportunities navigating an increasingly complex consumer landscape. BCE believes three factors in particular should be core to strategy development across areas of the consumer sector, whether you are a large brand or small brand, DTC or wholesale, B2B or B2B2C:

      • Brands must develop compelling products and services that are highly relevant to existing and prospective customers
      • Brands must build the most efficient and effective channels to market to reach those customers in profitable and sustainable ways
      • Brands must create amazing customer experiences within these channels to build loyalty and drive lifetime value

Success in understanding these dynamics and developing sound and sustainable strategies requires deep consumer-centric focus. Understanding who your customers are, how the brand is positioned, what channels to prioritize, and simplifying the path to purchase are at the heart of BCE’s work within the consumer sector. Our blend of strategic frameworks and consumer insights capabilities offers insight across the consumer ecosystem.

Many brands in the market today are asking two simple yet fundamental questions in light of the COVID-19 pandemic:

Brands are understandably weighing the desire to demonstrate sensitivity around the increasing health and economic uncertainty their customers are facing with the corresponding need to continue driving and preserving their own revenue. COVID-19 requires brands to quickly pivot from business-as-usual marketing and messaging strategies, but it doesn’t mean they can afford to – nor should – stop marketing either. Answering the question of how to effectively market in the context of a COVID-19 requires a clear understanding of several factors:

      • How has this crisis impacted the lives of my customers? (e.g. unmet needs, willingness/ability to pay)
      • How does my current brand equity affect the ways in which I pivot my messaging?
      • How does my charitable giving strategy relate to my messaging strategy in light of COVID-19?

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