Driven by more than data.

Engaged. Hands-on. Bespoke. The BCE difference is human.

Our success in working with clients is based on five key tenets:
1. Delivering actionable results
2. Providing honest answers
3. A partner-led team engagement model
4. Applying the right tools for the job
5. A collaborative and responsive approach

Brand Equity

BCE helps clients develop these critical brand insights by designing, fielding, and analyzing customized brand equity studies.

Downstream Marketing

Managing in-line products and services requires a deep understanding of customers, channel partners, and competitors.

Market Insights

BCE offers high quality, tailored research to answer our clients’ most pressing questions.

Mergers & Acquisition

BCE’s M&A team supports corporate and PE clients on a variety of activities pre- and post-deal.

Organizational Development

BCE helps clients more effectively deploy resources - people, process, and OpEx - to achieve their goals.

Portfolio Management

BCE offers integrated and a la carte portfolio management services combining best in class strategic frameworks, analytical tools powered by market-based research, and operational advisory services.

Product Development & Management

BCE works with product leadership across the development cycle, ensuring both the product and the strategy aligns with market needs.



BCE’s Strategy practice offers a range of advisory, strategic planning process, and strategy development services for clients across industries.

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