Downstream Marketing


Managing in-line products and services requires an acute understanding of your customers, channel partners, and competitors.  BCE’s downstream marketing team pulls from across functional teams to include perspectives from strategy to brand to product and market insights to deliver comprehensive, tactical solutions for our clients. 

Our downstream marketing team supports clients in three core phases:

      1. Marketing goal and strategy definition or refinement
      2. Customer segmentation and positioning – i.e., who to engage
      3. Marketing execution – i.e., how to engage, value proposition, pricing, channel, competitive differentiation

BCE’s approach leverages its internal primary research capabilities through a mix of qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Ultimately, these data are a means to an end.  Deep appreciation and understanding for who the customer is, what they care about, what challenges they face, how they view our clients, and how they view client competitors allow us to prescribe actionable, tactical recommendations on behalf of client teams.

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