Moore’s Law has held more or less true for 50 years, contributing to massive productivity gains and underpinning major innovations in nearly every sector of the economy. What is next in the new era of semiconductor innovation?

COVID-19 appears to be further highlighting the differences between younger and older consumers.

Non-profits seeking to push forward with socially distanced or remote galas must find creative ways of activating donors and creating meaningful engagement as donations continue to fall during the COVID crisis.

BCE regularly supports clients in defining a structured and repeatable approach to assessing past successes and failures then optimizing the response to win competitive business via our Competitor Conversion Framework.

Following the emergence of COVID-19 in March, consumers saw the lifting of societal restrictions as the most important indicators for resuming spending. In the last month, signs of economic health have become more important.

BCE has collected its COVID-19 resources all in one place. We are here to support you and your organization.

This subscription-based model provides clients real-time access to BCE research capabilities – desktop reviews, conversations with market sources and/or in-depth interviews, and surveys.

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BCE advises clients on strategic, operational, and tactical issues to drive profitability and revenue growth.

We have experience supporting clients across a broad set of B2B and B2C markets. In industry sectors ranging from aerospace to healthcare to technology, we have worked with senior leaders to crack their toughest global business challenges.

BCE leverages market-driven data as the foundation for our recommendations. Central to our philosophy is the idea that recommendations should be practical and achievable.

Our firm’s total value is driven by a combination of robust internal research capability, partner-led engagements, and cost.