How to Train Employees Remotely

As companies continue to bring on new employees during the pandemic, onboarding has become virtual for many. Upskilling existing employees has moved online. With this shift comes new challenges—how do you make sure trainees are spending their time productively? How do you teach them efficiently when you can’t see what they’re doing in the office and they can’t easily shadow existing employees who will show them the ropes?

How to Avoid Burnout Within Your Team

It is critical to maintain a high level of productivity and morale among employees, especially as work-from-home has turned into a long-term arrangement for many. While there continues to be uncertainty about when we will return to the pre-COVID working environment, leaders can control the current state of remote work by setting their teams up with the right set of collaborative tools and support to avoid employee burnout.

The “New Normal” for SMB UCC and Managed Services

Near-Term Effects of COVID-19:COVID-19 has forced small and medium businesses (SMBs) across all industries to rapidly adjust business operations to comply with federal, state and local pandemic responses and corporate guidelines to keep employees and the public safe.  BCE has identified common themes impacting the UCC (unified communications and collaboration) and managed services markets:» Business … Continue reading The “New Normal” for SMB UCC and Managed Services

Tips for Transitioning to Work from Home During COVID-19

Amidst COVID-19, the BCE team asked “How can BCE help those not used to working from home?” We want to help you with any operational or logistical challenge you may be facing. Before December of 2019, all of our associates, analysts, managers, and even some of our partners worked from home. We can help you … Continue reading Tips for Transitioning to Work from Home During COVID-19