Development Planning for 2021

Non-profit leaders have had to adjust quickly to a wildly different operating environment than the one planned for at the beginning of the year. Keeping the lights on, maintaining socially distanced and safe programming, standing up remote operations: these are difficult challenges at the best of times. Donors have risen to meet the challenge of the moment, but what happens next?

Supporting Social Justice in Non-profit Board Rooms

Social impact programming tends to be most effective when the make-up of the organization that administers it mirrors the community it serves. People, values, perspectives, and backgrounds are key components. When the right components are in place, the output is greater trust in intention and process. So why is diversity still such an issue in non-profit board rooms?

Getting the Most Out of the Gala

The economic climate has not been kind to the non-profit sector. Despite a short-term rise in charitable giving, six month donation levels are falling back in line with macroeconomic trends and organizations face contraction in FY20 income. According to the most recent installment of CAF America’s “The Voice of Charities Facing COVID-19 Worldwide” tracking survey, … Continue reading Getting the Most Out of the Gala