Portfolio Management


BCE offers integrated and a la carte portfolio management services combining best in class strategic frameworks, analytical tools powered by market-based research, and operational advisory services.  Our principals and partners work with clients on:

      • Portfolio strategy
      • Portfolio analysis
        • Market analysis including forecasting
        • Competitive analysis
      • Partner and acquisition strategy, target identification & assessment, and diligence
      • Divestiture assessment
      • GTM strategy
      • Channel analysis & strategy development
      • Customer assessment
      • Sales lead generation
      • CI collection and analysis
      • Corporate/business brand evaluation

We take the view that the portfolio needs to be managed at the strategic, operational, and tactical level, and our support covers what your portfolio looks like today to how you deliver value to the market.  BCE has developed a portfolio strategy framework to assist clients in assessing their current mix of products and services in context of the current total market, expansion of that market, and innovation.  The framework approach allows the client to move beyond data analysis to action – how to capture share, build the portfolio, change the market, and innovate. 

Our work is customized to fit the specific business problem facing our clients whether that be managing the portfolio from a position of strength or weakness.  The senior leaders scoping the work are part of the engagement team from research, to analysis, and recommendations.  We cross staff to ensure the appropriate mix of expertise is present in the client’s market and with the specific BCE service offering desired. 

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