On-demand customized market insights and intelligence

What | This subscription-based model provides clients real-time access to BCE research capabilities – desktop reviews, conversations with market sources and/or in-depth interviews, and surveys.

Why | Many clients have quick-hit research questions that do not warrant a full consulting engagement.  Even buying a full-week project may not best fit the actual client objective.  This model allows a dedicated researcher with knowledge of your business and your industry to provide a rapid set of insights when needed. 

In the wake of COVID-19 many of our clients are limited in the tools at their disposal to interface with customers and collect perspectives.  Things like industry conferences or on-site training have been cancelled.  There is a void in market sensing capabilities and challenges getting views on things like new products, customer needs, trends, competitive activities, or other business-critical datapoints.  BCE can leverage a mix of phone-based conversations, virtual focus groups, online surveys, and other research modalities to quickly and efficiently augment internal client capabilities.

This doesn’t replace the need for more traditional consulting engagements, but it does afford our clients flexibility and a more robust alternative to an expert network service at a lower cost, with a wider array of use cases or approaches. 

How | The subscription provides each client a dedicated researcher on-call for when questions arise. 

  1. Submit the task to BCE with the required deliverable format and any deadlines
  2. Within 24 hours your BCE researcher will provide what we’ve found to date in the deliverable format of your choice
  3. That task will stay live until you have the insight needed at the confidence level required

Please contact us for pricing and additional details at info@bceconsulting.com.

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