As information technology becomes increasingly complex, and its applications ever more ambitious, tech firms face more and more difficulty developing scalable, deployable, and marketable solutions. This challenge is compounded by the proliferation of data, and holds especially true as technology is adapted to new industries, domains, and applications – from healthcare to oil and gas, power, manufacturing, education, and commerce.

We know how difficult it can be to articulate a compelling value proposition and differentiate from competition in new markets. How can you make your value visible to your customer? How do you make customers understand how your solution is different, and why it is better? What is the best way to monetize your capabilities in the context of current and future market dynamics? BCE works with clients across the technology ecosystem to connect the dots between their technology, markets, and customers, and plan for evolving ecosystems and opportunities.

BCE’s Technology Practice leadership has worked with clients across network and computing stacks, from core compute architecture to middleware/OS and applications. We have experience in niche SaaS, IoT, cybersecurity, and machine learning/AI segments, providing a foundational knowledge to quickly and efficiently solve for our clients’ most pressing business challenges.

Tech companies – along with everyone else – are struggling to understand the implications of COVID-19 on their current and future business. Chief among these – which of the changes are temporary, and which will have a lasting impact on our markets and businesses? Similarly, is this a time to go on offense given favorable trends across the technology sector? Topics BCE is exploring include:

      • The work from home shift – To what extent does this stick? How does this impact the delivery of managed IT services? Where are the future unmet needs and opportunities? 
      • How will COVID-19 impact acceptance of tele-work models in non-office oriented industries, such as Telehealth?  How can firms capitalize on this?  How will COVID-19 impact the roll out of tools to drive worker efficiency? (AR, wearables, IOT, etc.)
      • How are attitudes toward technology changing, and how should we prepare or react?

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