Social Sector

BCE supports mission-driven clients sustain and grow their impact. From education, impact investors and philanthropists, to foundations and NGOs, to corporations and individual donors, our team applies tools and expertise from traditional management consulting services to create effective strategies and actionable strategies for the social sector.

Our services cover a wide range of internal and external issue areas impacting program performance. We bring expertise across strategy and operations, program/impact evaluation and improvement, and institutional and leadership development.

Our clients are grappling with two major institutional issues in the current economic and public health crisis:

      1. How to sustain and ensure survival for programming
      2. How to evolve organizationally to build more resilient programs and sustainable impact.  Consequently, our clients see the true importance of diversifying revenue sources to sustain their work, and finding creative ways to efficiently expand their reach in the communities they serve through the use of new platforms, technologies, and engagement processes.

The current crisis has thrown into sharp relief just how connected people, profits, and the planet are. Sustainable social programs must address each element of the triple bottom line, regardless of the institution.

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