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BCE’s Private Equity team supports both sponsors and portfolio companies with unbiased market research and strategic insights to drive top-line growth, optimize operations, and drive strong returns on investment. At our core, we are strategic advisers for clients and believe that investment decisions should be supported by unbiased market feedback. To this end, we support sponsors and portcos through all stages of the deal lifecycle:

BCE’s team is made up of veteran management consultants and former private equity deal team members with experience across a range of industry verticals including industrials, energy, technology, healthcare, consumer, education, and the public sector. Our flexible teams and partner engagement allow us to leverage deep industry experience and insights to work quickly and meet the client’s tight timeline requirements as they navigate the evolving marketplace.

The first half of 2020 has seen unprecedented levels of volatility and uncertainty in the PE space. Funds entered 2020 with records amounts of dry powder after years of cheap money and increasingly larger fund raises. However, the slowdowns and shutdowns related to COVID-19 have disrupted deployment of new capital with sponsors largely focused on managing liquidity and new deal flow slowing significantly. At the same time, funds can go on offense either in support of existing platforms or in evaluation of emerging investment theses. BCE understands taking stock of assumptions that appeared well founded 6 months ago and adjusting course has become a necessary task. BCE is providing Market Insights to help clients retest those assumptions and prepare for the impacts of a post-COVID era.

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