BCE works with its Industrials clients to solve a broad range of management challenges including industry consolidation, new global competitors, challenges from low-cost producers, cyclicality, demand shifts from mature to developing markets, raw material pricing volatility, introduction of disruptive technology, and uncertainty around government spending.  Our clients need to succeed in favorable and unfavorable market environments, and our strategy, M&A, customer insight, and organization/change management teams have deep experience across the Americas, Europe, and Asia

BCE’s engagement teams help firms that need to enhance revenue or reduce costs today or craft actionable strategies for the future.  These engagement teams are driven by experienced project leaders who have supported the largest aerospace and defense firms, tier I and tier II suppliers, the biggest multinational building systems corporations as well as middle market and lower middle market firms, and diversified industrials companies, machinery and equipment systems and component suppliers.  Across sectors, challenges around IIoT and automation, supply chains, China, product development, services businesses, the future state of travel and mobility, AI/machine learning, and cyber security are among the market challenges facing our clients across aerospace and defense, automotive, building systems, and manufacturing.

Each of the Industrial sectors we cover has unique market dynamics and characteristics, and we have senior leaders with expertise and experience to advise clients.

      • Aerospace & Defense: BCE’s Aerospace & Defense sector leadership has worked across all segments, including aircraft, equipment, and defense-related services firms. We have studied shifts in demand and funding impacting aircraft OEMs, satellite, and space – both those coming from commercial aerospace and departments and ministries of defense.

      • Automotive: Our automotive sector engagements have dealt with OEMs, suppliers, commercial vehicles, emerging markets, and machinery. Whether it is fundamental changes driven by electrification, connectivity, autonomy, or new mobility solutions BCE has driven insights to help shape our clients’ views and future planning.

      • Manufacturing: BCE’s clients sell into a range of manufacturing sectors, each with unique needs, channel dynamics, and buying behavior. From biopharmaceuticals to oil and gas, automotive, and food and beverage, we help our clients craft efficient paths to market for their products and solutions.

      • Building Systems: BCE’s senior leaders have experience across the building systems space. We have worked with and studied firms that develop basic building materials, manufacture and sell building products, infrastructure providers, distributors and retailers in the channel, and the architectural, engineering, and construction firms that drive much of the market. Our engagements have spanned end-market customers, including residential, commercial, and public sector.

      • Industrial Technology: BCE’s partners have advised clients struggling with product portfolios, customer acquisition strategies, and global manufacturing footprints across the manufacturing machinery and equipment market. Our clients serve the construction and farm equipment market, industrial automation and controls, electrical distribution, energy equipment, building and residential automation, and water and wastewater equipment.

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