Navigating the healthcare sector requires a multi-stakeholder understanding of patient care. Whether a broad strategic question or a tactical, in-line challenge, BCE observes and captures insights centered on how to best meet the needs of the user or prescriber, the payer, the broader health system, value analysis committees, and the patient. This platform offers us unique perspective on how to consider future scenarios and anticipate likely opportunities across the device, diagnostic, pharma, health IT, consumer, dental, and animal health segments.

Across each of these market areas, BCE is tackling questions around enterprise, business unit, and therapeutic area strategy. We’re helping clients evaluate new licensing and acquisition opportunities. We’re assessing ways to navigate increasing price pressures and complex buying processes and focus on accountable care. We’re helping clients explore new business models, expanding from products to solutions and reevaluating their relationship with customers and patients. We’re helping analyze new ways to evolve care, identify root customer needs, and drive the innovation process.

As a management consulting firm, we support clients in considering their full range of growth opportunities and aligning the path forward to the specifics of the organization and the realities of the healthcare market.

In today’s market, BCE’s clients are grappling with the realities of COVID-19 and its impact on the entire healthcare ecosystem.  Questions being raised are a mix of offensively and defensively driven challenges, including but not limited to:

      • What will the future of our healthcare segment (disease area, therapeutic area, etc.) look like?
      • How can we grow in an environment like this?
      • Does our corporate sustainability and responsibility position and corporate brand matter more now than ever before?
      • How can we better partner with health systems to support them during the surge and recovery?
      • How should our business model evolve with customers becoming more comfortable with telehealth and remote engagement?
      • Are there opportunistic partnerships or acquisition opportunities that make sense for our company?
      • How does our commercial model and segmentation approach need to shift in the current environment?

Our team is working hard to help clients understand these topics and others as the overall healthcare landscape continues to evolve.

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