Competitive Conversion Framework

Converting competitive accounts can be challenging and frequently marketing and sales executives will adapt and adjust based on gut feel or experience alone. The result of this practice is often is more of the same, some wins, some losses, and rarely that desired breakthrough. BCE regularly supports clients in defining a structured and repeatable approach … Continue reading Competitive Conversion Framework

Brand Funnel: Audit & Action Framework

Framework Overview“Brand” is a critical asset for any company – the rational and emotional manifestation of the products, services, and experiences offered to customers.  When nurtured, cultivated, and grown, “brand” can drive significant customer loyalty, market differentiation, and pricing power. To achieve these outcomes – among other important associated goals – organizations must first understand the … Continue reading Brand Funnel: Audit & Action Framework

Positioning for the Rebound: BCE’s Adjacent Market Framework

BCE’s new series on how organizations can position for a market rebound begins with a look at how to think about adjacent market growth: In the post COVID-19 landscape, businesses across sectors and sizes are facing dramatically different operating environments. They have seen markets for their products and services collapse, have been forced to repurpose … Continue reading Positioning for the Rebound: BCE’s Adjacent Market Framework