Contractor – Analyst and Business Development Associate

What is BCE and what opportunities exist for contractors?

For energetic and engaged undergraduates or those who have been working for a few years out of college, BCE offers an opportunity to be part of a growing firm helping clients solve their most challenging business problems.  You will have an opportunity to work alongside partners and clients, participate in intellectually challenging work, and develop skills needed to drive your career in consulting and beyond.

BCE helps its clients tackle their most difficult growth and operational issues – from how to enter new markets, analyze their current competitive and portfolio positions, defend share, and reorganize more profitably.   Our clients are multi-national corporations, middle market companies, and start-ups.

BCE offers two types of contractor positions – Analysts and Business Development Associates.  A contract position offers flexibility with the opportunity to transition to employee status should you and firm desire that outcome.

What are the responsibilities of a BCE analyst?

Your research, writing, communication, and teamwork skills will be challenged, developed, and showcased with increasing emphasis on leadership and analytical skills as you become more experienced.  While each client challenge and BCE engagement is different, you will be asked to learn and grow every day.  Each client engagement is structured around a project team of one to three analysts and multiple members of BCE’s leadership team.  One of these leaders will serve as the project manager and work directly with our analysts to drive primary research, synthesis and analysis, framework development and population, and delivery of client documents.

BCE analysts are generalists, which means you will have an opportunity to work across functional and industry practice areas.  This will provide you exposure to business growth engagements to business excellence projects helping our clients improve profitability across consumer, health & life sciences, technology, financial services, industrial, and public & social sector.  You will work side by side managers, principals, and BCE partners to drive actionable results for our clients.  And you will be exposed directly to BCE clients from project one.

What are the responsibilities of a business development associate?

Business development associates work closely with principals, partners, and senior partners to advance the practice and client strategy.  Specifically, associates conduct out-reach to potential new clients and support and facilitate communication with current clients.  Each associate is assigned a set of clients within one or two practice verticals.

As an associate, you will have the opportunity to utilize and sharpen a mix of skill sets.  You will strengthen your communication (both verbal and written), organization, and teamwork skills as you work alongside other associates and management.  In addition, you will gain industry experience and knowledge of the target companies with which you engage.  As you work towards reaching your weekly targets and goals, your understanding of the dynamics and challenges of your target companies will deepen.

From what pool of candidates does BCE look for contractors

BCE recruits its analysts from the top liberal arts programs across the country.  We do this because we are looking for candidates who have honed or developed the ability to research thoroughly under tight deadlines, write clearly and concisely, and who have demonstrated the ability to learn a specific domain knowledge in a defined period of time, and then communicate that subject matter expertise in an articulate fashion.  If you feel you have these skills but have not studied the liberal arts then we are interested in your application.

Below are some requirements and preferences we have when reviewing contractor resumes:

      • 3.5 GPA or higher from a top tier accredited university or college
      • Demonstration of competitiveness and interests above and beyond academics.  Examples would include music, arts, and individual and team sports.
      • Mastery of at least one foreign language for use in primary research

Interested candidates can apply by sending your resume to  Simply put “Contractor: Analyst” or “Contractor: Business Development Associate” or in the subject line.