Our partner-led, team-based approach allows us to successfully solve cases and advise clients on their most challenging business issues.  Although the work is hard, our ability to communicate and work together allows our clients and our team to flourish.  

We Work Hard

As management consultants, our work is comprised of only the toughest problems that our clients cannot tackle themselves. These problems require hard work.

Our team members don’t punch the clock—our employees are responsible for their own time management. The only requirement is a job well done. BCE provides clear expectations, deadlines, and access to the resources and tools needed for success.

The hard work of our team members is rewarded through firm-wide profit sharing.


Team-based and partner-led is how we approach all aspects of our work. Our team-based model allows all members of the firm to contribute to thought leadership throughout our project engagements.

Analysts and managers are encouraged to take on as much thought leadership responsibility as possible from daily stand-ups, to internal reviews with senior partners, and external briefings with clients. Senior partners provide leadership and guidance throughout project engagements.

Every member of our team is accountable to one another, fostering responsibility from day one.

Always Learning

At BCE, we place an emphasis on learning by doing. The firm employs several core analytical frameworks—members gain experience with these frameworks and apply them throughout project engagements. These frameworks provide a baseline from which our team can operate and solve complex problems.

Sharing knowledge is fundamental to our team-based model. Throughout engagements, members of the firm share tips and tricks with one another, in addition to industry-specific knowledge passed on from senior leaders to analysts and managers. These informal exchanges bolster our more formal professional development and training exercises.

Additionally, we emphasize learning from failure—learning requires trying something new and oftentimes that leads to mistakes. Learning from those mistakes and applying new knowledge the next time is part of our process.

Radically Candid

Communication and transparency are the keys to our success, and we carry these values through all aspects of our work. We believe in open and honest communication at all levels of the firm, to all levels of the firm.

This is true when partners communicate firm strategy and financial results with all members of the firm. This is true when we provide feedback during daily reviews of client documents. And this is true during client conversations and briefings. Communication and transparency are how the best relationships are built over time.

Build your career

BCE offers careers for undergraduates, graduate degree holders, and experienced professionals.  We are seeking individuals looking to learn, looking to share their creative and intellectual talents, looking to solve tough problems, and looking to make a difference.

We are not your typical management consulting firm and do not operate that way.  Each team member is expected to contribute to client success, the firm’s direction, and as a result receives an opportunity to share in the firm’s profits.  Whether you are beginning your professional life and are looking for an opportunity to learn, work hard, and develop a pathway to graduate school or you are looking to build a long-term career – BCE is that place.

Our culture is built around collaboration, teamwork, and development of each team member’s talents and skills.  Yet we are also a culture of excellence, and client and partner exposure will challenge you to bring your best every day.  If you thrive in an environment in which results and people matter then BCE is interested in your application.

Join the BCE team

A BCE career is built around simple tenets – we hire hard-working individuals with incredible intellectual horsepower who want to continue to learn; we provide all of the training and development to ensure each team member reaches his or her full potential; and we allow our team to create – new ways of approaching business problems, new solutions to client issues, and new ways of working together.  This does not mean we ignore the best of the past, our partners teach proven approaches, frameworks, and tools, and show our team how to use them.