Who we are

A management consulting firm supporting clients on key strategic and tactical issues.

Our core competency is in providing highly customized market research and analysis to drive client profitability and revenue growth.

We have experience supporting clients across a broad set of B2B and B2C markets.  In industry sectors ranging from aerospace to healthcare to technology, BCE Consulting partners have worked with senior leaders to crack their toughest global strategy and business challenges.

We leverage market-driven data as the foundation for our recommendations.  Central to our philosophy is the idea that recommended strategies and tactics should be practical and achievable.

How we work

As business problems arise and clients seek assistance, BCE leadership begins by defining a few things:

  • Clear statement of the problem
  • Success at project conclusion
  • Internal points of view on the topics being studied
  • Pitfalls or concerns
  • The right methodology for the job at hand

Although every project is different, BCE leverages a common underlying methodology across engagements:


In line with our philosophy of driving actionable recommendations, we feel it is critically important to staff projects with partner-level participation in addition to the engagement team.  From project scoping to final presentation, partners are actively involved.

What makes us different

BCE Consulting was founded to offer clients a more engaged and hands-on experience.  As we work with clients, five key tenets are central to our success:

  • A focus on applied and actionable results – every project must be grounded in reality.  We want our deliverables to be used, not just sitting on a shelf
  • An experienced cross-industry team – founding partners bring 35+ years of experience across industries to apply lessons learned and deep industry expertise on every engagement
  • The right tools for the job – all client needs are different and call for tailored approaches in data collection, synthesis, and analysis.  We understand which approach is best suited to each question and carefully craft a scope of work that meets the need
  • A collaborative, flexible, and responsive model – we understand new questions arise as projects progress and strategies develop, and things don’t always go to plan.  Adjusting scope or timeline, communicating progress and roadblocks, and acting as partners is imperative
  • A willingness to provide clients the answers they don’t want to hear – whether a particular project is not a good fit for our skillset or an opportunity evaluated is not as attractive as our clients thought, then we will say so.  Trust and honesty are the cornerstones to any advisory relationship